Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rest and Relax

Just returned from the VACATION OF A LIFETIME.  Twelve glorious days on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Unbelievable beauty. Every day the weather was wonderful, the only state in the United States that didn't get snow that week. Although with the elevation of over 13,000 feet they do get snow. Rather strange to think of when you are on an island at the beach.

It was wonderful to get away from EVERYTHING.  We ate way too good, the food is just as good as the scenery. Went on a Whale Watching boat, a Glass Bottom boat, and a Snorkel boat.  Went snorkeling at the local beach a few times.  It is really hard to take pictures of those fish when they are swimming and you are swimming.  I will appreciate the underwater photographers a lot more now.  I will post some shots that we took later. Not great but a wonderful memory.

The top picture was taken with my telephoto from our balcony.(yes we had a front row seat to the sea and the sunsets). My husband laughs at me for the amount of sunset pictures I take but every night is different and all beautiful.  I tell him you never know when you are gonna get the "Money Shot"  Thank heaven for digital photography I took over 400 pictures. Still sorting through them.  You may get tired of seeing my Hawaii Trip because I will post a few each time at least until I get sick of seeing them...

The second picture is also from our balcony. We always seemed to be back at our room to catch the sunset.  Then off to dinner.

The last picture is of the Volcanoes National Park Kilauea Caldera. It is quite amazing.........Until next time....ALOHA............DIANE


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Life and Death

My best friend lost her Husband yesterday.  I can't be with her during this time of sorrow.  My words are all that can comfort her today.  This is the way it is.  He had not been well for along time but that doesn't ease the sorrow.  He wasn't the easiest person to get along with but that doesn't ease the sorrow. He is going to a better place, but that doesn't ease the sorrow.  The only thing that can ease the sorrow is time. Time to dig up all the hurt feeling, the unkind words, the isolation that illness brings.  Time that can bury the past and time that can relearn laughter.  Hang tough my friend brighter days are ahead............Hugs, DIANE