Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween ! ! !

Well........Halloween is over for another year....Tilly was a princess this year.....she really was having more fun then she looks....I have been putting hats and clothes on her since she was a tiny little puppy. I think she kinda likes it and knows she looks royal ...tee hee..Diane

Halloween 1997

Never having watched "The Drew Carie Show" I really didn't know who Carol was dressed as. But it was a funny lady all padded up to look very round, with a ton of makeup. I thought she was a clown and a great clown at that.. Then at the grade school parade one of the eighth graders was dressed as Drew Carie(they told me) so I snapped this picture of the two of them. Heidi now has two children of her own and has turned into a lovely young woman and a good momma. And Carol..........well she missed turning 60 by a year but she made her mark here, spreading laughter and joy....she will be missed. Call an old friend today................Hugs, Diane

Monday, October 27, 2008

In Memory of Carol

I bought this little papier-mache witch on E-bay................It was made by Kim Hardt. I just love this little witch, she has so much personality. I am the one that is not in to Halloween. But because Carol loved it, I have loosened up a little. Also because of all the wonderful art I have lightened up a little........Its funny, when I saw this little just reminded me of Carol. I bought it, my husband saw Carol.....I showed a dear friend of mine and she said that's Carol....she would have loved it. At her memorial service they had one of those photo boards...........and right in the middle, the largest picture was Carol in a Santa hat.....She was always fun...........I will miss her laugh.............Diane

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fall in my Backyard

Just wanted to show some Fall colors this morning.....We planted this tree a few years ago. I had wanted the Red Red colors that we had in our old house before we moved. The first few years I was really disappointed because it turned yellow and some orange but not that Red that I wanted. As it has gotten a few years older it is starting to get better color. Still not that Red but quite beautiful now....Art in Nature..................Diane

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Little Teddie

This postcard was fun.....It was made for a swap on Amusing Muses on Flickr. However I may have to withdraw two of them. I will see, I need to make a few more in the winter theme and see what I come up with. Hummmmmmm.........................................Diane

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Well, the top picture is all the loose pages organized by maker. They were swapped out last night until about 11:30. I ran out of bubble wrap so I will have to bring some home from work tonight and the others will be in the mail tomorrow....It was a bigger project than I thought it would be but very fun. I have to admire those who host multiple swaps and the really big swaps with more than 20 people....But I knew what I was getting into after being a player in many swaps over the last couple of years. I will host another one as soon as I think of a good theme and after the holidays when everyone has a little more time. Stay tuned...................Diane

Monday, October 20, 2008

Cookie Monster

This is a postcard I made for the Amusing Muses at Flickr. It is winter theme. The little girl is our great niece who is soon to be two...can't you just see the mischief in her?
This morning my dear husband brought me the mail from the weekend and lo and behold the two last Got Bling? swap members the fun starts for me...I am bummed that I have to go to work, I would rather stay home and sort them which may take a day or so before I get them all boxed up........Getting Excited?????? Diane

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Goodies for my Guest

These are the goodies that will be sent out with the returns for the "Got Bling Swap" My friend thought I went overboard................maybe.................but it was so much fun and my very first job at hosting and I wanted it to be everyone will be getting a little surprise from me...
However..............Two returns are still out and I am sure hoping they get here Monday...If it wasn't for the fact that they are both amazing artist I wouldn't hold this whole thing up. But believe me when I say this was a great group and I have been in many swaps before... So hang in there a few more days and I promise you will be HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY....Hugs, Diane

Friday, October 17, 2008

Halloween Postcard Contest

This is my postcard for the Halloween Postcard Contest on MAW Mail Art World I hope I win.....that would be so cool, however there are some pretty awesome cards there...check it out...............Diane

Monday, October 13, 2008

Dogs Go to Heaven

This little guy was made for a PAT challange over a The Mail Artist
It is a Chunky book page 4 X 4 Everyone picks their own photo/subject and then every member makes a page with that subject.....I will recieve 5 pages from a great group of artist all using this dog. I made a page for myself too. Diane

Saturday, October 11, 2008


In just a few days all the pages for the Got Bling swap will be here and the fun for me starts. Sorting through all the beauties, each and every one a special little piece of art......I have been punching the pages as they arrived so I am all caught up on that. They are all neat and orderly in their boxes waiting for the last three packages to arrive..just a few more days. Art-On.................Diane

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Beautiful Bling Book

Admit are hooked on ART and this rather new form. In our world of excess, bigger is not necessarily better....These small 4" X 4" little works of art are fun to create and don't take up much room to collect. Even if the amount of STUFF you need to collect in order to make these little beauties..can fill a whole room.

The "Got Bling?" swap is getting down to the wire. Ireland has mailed their returns. That is the furthest place these little art works are coming from. Just about 1/2 of the pages are here, punched and set with eyelets. I have the rings, so each player will receive a completed book. They can add more pages if they want, I know I made extra for my book. I will fill everyone in on the progress as I go along and I plan to take a picture of my swap table when they get here.

I also have a surprise for the 1st player to send in their pages, and a special little something for the 2nd. arrival. PEACE...................Diane

Monday, October 6, 2008

How Cute is This?

This is my dog Tilly with her beanie baby. She was so little. I am getting puppy fever again so I thought I would share this picture of her when she was a baby....Seven years ago....

She is such a good little dog. Every Halloween she has a new costume and I just got hers. How does a pretty princess in PINK....sound? We have a parade with the grade school kids and they walk through town with their costumes. Everybody lines the street to watch them and it is always fun to hear them yelling and pointing to Tilly.....Also that way I don't have to dress up..Sorry Carol :)

Tilly is now 10 pounds, of spoiled rotten, overly loved puppy dog. A big part of our family the one that makes us laugh daily with her antics. Start the week with a Hug.......Diane

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Got Bling Swap

Oh I have kept a few surprises for you..................I had fun making this lovely. Her face is bling enough and then she wore the pearls.

Sandy posted her pages over at flickr They are all fantastic but this one holds a special place in my heart....She has been making these Jesters for quite awhile and they are so uniquely SANDY. I have been wanting one and lo and behold she made one as a Hostess gift for lucky can I get. I haven't gotten it in my grubby little hand yet but can't wait for it to get up the mountain to me.....

There are still some people who signed up who are MIA but I am always hopeful and for my very first swap I am overjoyed at the turn out, overwhelmed by the art work and I am sure to be stressed in a good way before it is mailed back to the players..

I couldn't say earlier but it is because of the loss of my friend Carol that I started this swap. I realised how precious time is and thought JUST DO IT.....Love to all my art friends. Diane

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pretty Scary

Halloween is starting to show up on so many of the sites that I frequent.....I have never been very in to Halloween, never really liked dressing up. Looking back I don't think my family was very into it, tho I have found a couple of pictures of me in costume, two to be exact. One with my brother when I was two years old and the other when I was about eleven or so.

Things were different about 12 years ago thanks to a friend named Carol....she loved the holiday and was so into it, she actually pulled me in. She had me dressing up in all sorts of crazy outfits. Just because she had such fun, and was such a fun person. I think she had half the town dressing up on the 31st. they went to work that way and went a little further then they would have, except for knowing her. This went on for several years, each one of us trying to surprise her with our creativity. Then Carol moved to Idaho. We talked on the phone a lot those first few years and then as time went on, not so much.

Carol passed away a couple of months ago. Very sudden and unexpected. I can finally talk about it without breaking down. But this Halloween will be sorta sad. I am glad I called her those last few days, I didn't know what to say. You want to give hope when you know they have given her maybe 3 weeks to a month....Still it was good to hear her voice.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Trees of Wonder

This little 4 x 4 was made for a PAT swap over at MAIL ART WORLD. I like these little groups. You can sign up for as many as you want and there are only six people per group and you pick your own picture and five people do some art with it...I always like to make one for myself so I end up with six pages all with the same picture yet all completely unique. FUN FUN FUN.

Two more people are ready to send their GOT BLING SWAP pages to me....How exciting. The first pages I have gotten have been so great. Looks like the art work on this is gonna be fantastic...I am already planning my second swap....JOY......Diane

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October with a Flair

The first day of October. Where does the time go? I hate to say it but "next thing you know it will be Christmas" ok I said it.........Anyway here are some ATC's that I did in watercolor. Makes me want to do some pumpkins........Have a BLESSED DAY........Diane