Sunday, April 25, 2010

Refrigerator Magnets

FUN FUN FUN..........These are my magnets that I made for a swap. The largest one is just slightly over three inches.  I made 6 to trade.   Can't wait to see my returns.  It was a fun swap....Have a Art-Full week.............DIANE

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I Took my tripod to Hawaii in February.  It is such a wonderful place for picture taking.  Beauty is everywhere.  We were on the fourth floor and I set my tripod out on the balcony and had a bird's eye view of everything.  The top two photos were taken from the 4th. floor...It was fun trying to catch the wave just as it broke on the rocks.  After several tries I captured it.

The bird pair stayed for quite awhile and it was still hard to get them  both with their head out of their wing.  They were just preening away.

The flowers were at a Farmers Market/Swap Meet.  I was in my glory there.  Lots and lots of jewelry, art for sale and beautiful fresh fruit.

Have a beautiful spring day it is raining here...................DIANE

Friday, April 16, 2010


Well, it has been awhile since I have made anything to trade in the world of Altered Art.  I really love to make the chunky 4" X 4" book pages. I have several books in various themes all neatly stored away in a plastic container that I get down and fluff through. Humm. I think I just thought of a theme......I will have to keep it under my hat and see if it works up.

I closed my facebook account. Found it to be a little two habit forming. Just didn't have enough time to spend there.  When I first joined it was mostly just a people site where friends could connect and share and it seemed to have gotten very commercial.  I didn't play any of the games.  Any way I have heard they are going to start charging in July.  I am sure another site will pop up. The thing is with the net....there is so much info out there I enjoy just skipping through different sites to see what I can find. HAVE A GOOD FRIDAY......DIANE

Friday, April 9, 2010

Getting Back My Game

It is difficult to change gears lately.  I have been doing so much jewelry and making huge messes with  my bead supplies it takes a day to clean up and put away.  I joined a swap at my favorite art site, I was missing my friends there many that I have been connected with for several years now...The swap is Moulin Rouge.  Many people saw the film with Nicole Kidman, sorry to say I did not.  So I Googled it and learned much about the night life.....It was wild...