Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Knight In Shining Armor

Well I finally re-sized my photos for this post but I am running out of time and might be late for work.This is my latest book.  The blank book was purchased but I had to cut out all the background paper.  Ugg...but it turned out really cute and I think my niece will love it..It was really fun and I sewed a bag to keep it in with my great nephew's first initial on it and a gold braided tassel drawstring.
  Have a great weekend and Art On.....................DIANE

Thursday, May 5, 2011

About TIME

Yes, I am still around...I have been keeping up on my Blog Hopping but haven't up dated my blog in awhile.  Reason being...I haven't had anything to say or up load.  My interest have been on a roller coaster of late.  I started in on my Genealogy and spend most of my computer time researching the past.  Been sick for the last week, and of course the puppy is still demanding most of my time.  I have made a couple chunky books and now I am trying to find pictures to go in them.  Having a hard time finding just the right ones.  Anyway I ran across this picture that I took awhile ago and it inspired me to share it. 

I still love and miss all my blogger artist's and want you to know that I am seeing what you are doing and am always inspired by your creative ability.  I hope you are having fun with whatever you are creating.  KEEP ART ALIVE.......Love and Hugs, Diane