Friday, October 29, 2010

High Ho High Ho....

Its off to work I go.....Got the bug that has been going around..had to spend my day off glued to my recliner. Didn't move from there all day. Ugg. Now back to work, feeling better but not great. About the most I could  muster yesterday was to look at my latest edition of Cloth Paper Scissors.  I did want to update my blog since I found the other collage that was lost somewhere in the many files that I have. This is on 9 x 12 canvas. I have started another larger one using my family baby's that I love. I will show her later but I have a long way to go before she is finished and I might have to do some jewelry in between which means re-booting my art room again...Have a Joy Full weekend............DIANE

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Beauty of Fall

Well my tree is getting prettier every fall. I wanted the red maple back here and for the first 5 or 6 years I thought they did me wrong..the colors just weren't that pretty.  Finally it is getting striking...guess it is the beauty of getting mature...tee hee.
I actually had a design when my husband planted these trees.  Since dark colors reseed I wanted the fruitless plum in the furthest part of the yard.  I am very pleased now that they are bigger. When we got this house there was nothing in the back yard but star thistle.. I guess most of the trees are about 14 years old now.
Have a beauty full weekend................... DIANE

Monday, October 18, 2010


LOST IN MY IMAGINATION.....LOST ON MY COMPUTER.  Lost time spent looking for files....H E L P !!  I knew I had to get something on my blog this morning and wanted to put the collage I finished that was done at the same time as my last posted collage...but I couldn't find it. But I did find pictures of the Homecoming Parade that I took last week.  I thought I filed them in my Facebook file..but lo and  behold there they were under BLOG..Too much, too many.  I bought an external storage for all my pictures in case my PC ever decides to dump all my files. I have that all screwed up too.  Loose files, duplicate files.  I really need to take a class on how to save your files with some sort of something that makes sense......My camera downloads to a KODAK program.  Every download is filed by date unless I add a name which I never do..My PC has files under my pictures according to the group that I want to share with. FLICKR, ETSY, BLOG, FACEBOOK etc. Then I have files for every member of my family to save pictures of their kids and grandkids. I have to change the size of most pictures I upload but I have to be careful not to change anything I might want to print so in most cases I have two sizes.....S I G H..........I wish I could just start over..but be careful what you wish for or you could loose it all...eeekkk.

The external hard drive that I bought a couple of years ago is called THE BOOK it cost less than two hundred dollars and I am sure is way less today. I sleep better at night knowing I have a back-up system but not everything gets put on there.  Time....Here is a little hint for you...for Twenty-five dollars a year..FLICKR will save your pictures for you.  My brother pays Fifty-dollars a year for an on line service to save his stuff. Lets face it, all of it takes ..................................................T I M E...........gotta go...........hugs, Diane

Monday, October 11, 2010


Have you been wanting to try something NEW?  A technique that has caught your eye, colors that you would never put together? Well, now is the time. Here is the challenge.....If you have never worked on a size larger then your comfort zone, JUST DO IT. If there is a medium that you have been wanting to try....JUST DO IT.  This is done on a stretched canvas that is 8 x 10.  It is a great size to start your larger vision. This is a Collage and acrylic paint combo...It was fun.  Have an artful Week....................DIANE

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Fall is still trying to sneak up on us.  We are having an Indian Summer.  Fall arrives with cooler days and the turning color of the trees.....then boom.....back up into the 90 degree weather.  A cloud came over us yesterday and we got about 14 drops of rain.  If I hadn't taken the dog outside I am quite sure I would have missed it completely.

Once again I find myself in transition in my studio.  Finished all my art swaps and put away all my paper mess and got out all my bead supplies.  I am in the process of TRYING to organize all my beads.  I bought two new containers to sort into.  Guess I am sorting by color and size.  What a huge project.  But just playing in my lovely beads is fun for me.  I have a few pieces that I have made that need to be tweaked some what and I have found a way to card them that I think will be fun...I will keep you posted..Have a relaxing and fun weekend..    "THE GREATEST OF THESE IS LOVE."        DIANE