Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Jewels

Barely enough room for my coffee mug...Finished 30 pair's of earrings. Each one carded with inked edges and embossed with fancy stamp on the bottom.  Each pair has the little rubber stoppers on the back. My name and date...whew....what a project.  I also made six necklaces.  They are going into the Flower and Tea Shop.  It is really amazing how many beads I have and still buy more..Every time I think I will use up the one's that I have, I find the need to buy just a little something to enhance my project..You know how it is?!
The price on these is $15.00.  I have some that are as low as 6.00.  Keep in mind that the Tea Shop gets 20%.  How does that sound? Think I will sell them? Think that is a good price?  Please let me know what you think.   Any and all suggestions appreciated.    HUGS...................DIANE

Monday, November 22, 2010

Bragg'n For A Friend...Wahhooo

My humble friend Marsha was published in Nov. Dec. issue of

 Somerset Studio.  I was in Barns and Noble with my dear Husband getting all my favorite Magazines.  I picked up the new SOMERSET STUDIO and thumbed through it like I always do and lo and behold I see full pages of some of my favorite art.  Not one, not two but count them four full pages....yeaaaaaa. Huge full color lovely Queens with Wings, in her one of a kind art with a Holiday Message.  I am so delighted for Marsha.  She works so hard to give up new art to use in our own creations.  She is one of my favorite people here in my little corner of the world. A most modest and generous Artist. CONGRATULATIONS MARSHA AT TUMBLEFISH STUDIO.  Stop by and see her new header. It is dreamy. Well I am off to work after a 4 day holiday ugg.      Oh...some day I hope to see Diane Glass in Somerset Studio or one of their other wonder publications...Art Hugs.....................DIANE

Friday, November 12, 2010


Lovely Little Baubles. Fun to make and hopeful to sell. Once you get all your supplies out you just have to keep on that roll.  I was getting tired of making these (sitting too long hurts my back), but I just couldn't stop.  This time of year is very busy for all of us and I have several projects that I am working on.  Each project is a re-boot for my studio.  Sometimes its paper and glue and other times it is beads and more beads. 

Sunday, November 7, 2010


On my way out the door I snapped my lone Halloween Decoration.....It really is all about the candy isn't it?  Then I went out the door and saw this web on our Lilac bush, so I ran back in the house and grabbed my Nikon to take a picture of it.  I got two shots before a little breeze came up and moved my shot.

Have a creative and soul full week..........DIANE