Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Charming Life

A friend always graces us with her homemade sugar cookies. Last Christmas I hoarded them and was a little embarrassed....But they are so good I just didn't want to share. Shame on me.

This is another shot of a day we had in Oregon...It was so beautiful and I always feel renewed when I go to the Ocean. The Sea, the sand and the air.

Just had to share another picture of our new fence and the fall colors of our Snowball Bush.

And some Art...Charms that I made to trade with a group of friends on line. I made ten different charms out of scrabble tiles. Can't wait to get mine from ten other artist. Well I am off to work and if I don't dry my hair soon I will look like a bed head....uggg. Have a beautiful day. Breath in the fall colors, put on a pot of beans or bake something sweet......Hugs, Diane

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oregon Coast

We had a wonderful visit with our son and daughter-in-law. The Grand kids are growing and changing so fast. We got to watch our grandson TJ play a football game. I didn't know they started them so early. He is 10 yrs. old. The little 2 yr. old is a ball of fire. Always on the go and very independent. We had a fun trip home along the coast of Oregon in all its fall beauty. The weather was wonderful and 65 and sunny. This is the place we stayed at on the beach. Would love to stay there again it was great. Have a great weekend...DIANE

Friday, October 9, 2009

Good Wishes

This quote has been sitting on my desk for a year. Yes I have little piles of paper stacked up on my desk next to my computer, and some of them have been here a long time. Call it my filing system if you wish......anyway it some how worked its way to the top of a pile and I wanted to share it with all of you. The problem is I don't know who wrote it or even where I found it (before it came to the top of a little pile). If any of you know the origin or the author please let me know.


I just love it.

Here are the SKINNY'S I made. They are called skinny(3"x6") because they are smaller than
a postcard (4"x6")and not as wide
as a CHUNKY which is 4"x4".
The theme was "These are my Peeps" or bird people.
A very fun theme.

Have a happy weekend...........DIANE

Sunday, October 4, 2009

For The Love Of It

The latest necklace's that I have made were shorter and lighter in theme. I am still using the lovely background which is a beautiful box that is also used to store the finished product.

I have once again broken down my studio and put away most of my beading stuff. Then I realised that I
had joined a charm swap in a altered art group that I am in. Luckily everything is still pretty handy so I didn't have much to do to find the things that would be used in my charms. It was fun to get out my scrabble tiles again. More on that later.

I was really missing my friends on
the site and the fun of trading so...
against my better judgment I joined
a few more swaps. One is a postcard
challenge. Just one card so that
won't be too much and the other is a
Swap of five SKINNY'S. A skinny is
smaller than a postcard 3"x5". The
theme is a fun one and I will keep that
to myself until later. I will share the finished
project later.

Have a creative Sunday and don't forget
the Creator............