Saturday, November 2, 2013

Artstanding Stranger: Hayfork Property For Sale#links

Artstanding Stranger: Hayfork Property For Sale#links

Commercial Property

Hayfork Property For Sale

Well...I just couldn't let this year pass without posting something on my Blog.  I still stop over and visit many of my blogging friends. It is fun to see who is still around and busy as a bee.  I keep plenty busy myself but doing a little more traveling, working and doing art in my spare time.  Since we are selling our business and house I have packed up much of my art stuff and find myself digging through boxes to get supplies that have been packed away. Our buyer is still out there somewhere but hasn't found us yet. Gonna get more aggressive next year. Winter is not the best time to sell properties here in northern California.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Gosh...It is almost July again!!

Thought I should drop in with a post since it has been almost a year.  Wow I always heard how fast the time goes when I was younger. Now I am living it. I am thankful for everyday that I have good health.  I have lost some friends, too young to die. Makes you realize how precious our days are and to enjoy every one and fill them with as much enjoyment and projects as you can possibly jam into them.

And the promise of new life renews us. My Niece just had her fifth baby. A little girl they named Lenora. I made her a quilt, as I have done for each of her little ones and each of my Brother's three children some thirty-five years ago.

I have sorta gotten caught up in the Facebook habit.  It is a fun place to see what friends and family are doing.

I have alot of art and things to post so I will see if I can get back on the blog. I do check in and look at your work and miss you and your wonderful art, beads and doings.

This is the quilt that got in the mail to our newest little one yesterday. I hope you have many blessings today for each day is a gift.    DIANE

Monday, July 18, 2011

Oh My..Where Did July Go?

July is almost over.  We got away for 4th. of July to visit our two Grandson's and their gracious parents.  We had a spectacular time and it is going down as my best fourth ever...We were gone about a week.  We spent one nite at Bandon, Oregon. Beautiful Beach.

This is the book that I made for my Niece's oldest daughter.  It was really fun and she liked it.  My sister-in-law said all 4 kids pack them around in their little bag to share. Mailed them all down to San Diego.

Put away all my bead stuff. I made 10 pair to sell in our local Tea and Flower Shop. Started some canvas work.  I am on my third. 
I hope to show them to you soon.

Oh ya, about this book.....I bought a board book at a Thrift Store for 25 cents.  It was a Big Bird Book.  Nice heavy pages perfect for a photo project.  I made a bunch of tags with fancy yarn and ribbon and made a pocket to hold them so she can personalize them. I think she will have fun filling them with thoughts and sayings. Anyway..........Have a glorious week............Hugs, Diane

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Art Jumping

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Family Treasures

Well this little beauty should receive her little fat book in a bag any day now. The blank book was purchased and blinged up.. The bag was machine appliqued.   I am new to sewing and this is my new machine that I got for Christmas. I am sure it does more things than I will use but it is fun to try different stitches.  I did make a small quilt but the tension was not right.  In fact I had the bobbin in wrong so it missed a few stitches.  I was having so much fun that I wasn't very precise matching my corners..Oh well I have no where to go but up. Hope you enjoy my latest creation.  I have one more to post then I am back to making Jewelry.  Have a blessed week, everyday is a new beginning. Hugs, DIANE

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Knight In Shining Armor

Well I finally re-sized my photos for this post but I am running out of time and might be late for work.This is my latest book.  The blank book was purchased but I had to cut out all the background paper.  Ugg...but it turned out really cute and I think my niece will love it..It was really fun and I sewed a bag to keep it in with my great nephew's first initial on it and a gold braided tassel drawstring.
  Have a great weekend and Art On.....................DIANE

Thursday, May 5, 2011

About TIME

Yes, I am still around...I have been keeping up on my Blog Hopping but haven't up dated my blog in awhile.  Reason being...I haven't had anything to say or up load.  My interest have been on a roller coaster of late.  I started in on my Genealogy and spend most of my computer time researching the past.  Been sick for the last week, and of course the puppy is still demanding most of my time.  I have made a couple chunky books and now I am trying to find pictures to go in them.  Having a hard time finding just the right ones.  Anyway I ran across this picture that I took awhile ago and it inspired me to share it. 

I still love and miss all my blogger artist's and want you to know that I am seeing what you are doing and am always inspired by your creative ability.  I hope you are having fun with whatever you are creating.  KEEP ART ALIVE.......Love and Hugs, Diane