Saturday, July 31, 2010

Birds and Bees and Birdhouses

Well I can't believe this month is over. As the buyer in a general store, I am working on buying for the Spring of 2011.  The deadline is August 10 and I finally had time at my desk to open the packet yesterday.  I got pretty far on it yesterday so today I am ready to do a ruff draft. I will have it done on time but hate deadlines. And it is hard to think about Easter Baskets and Bunnies and such in July. 

We had a wonderful visit with our Son(took this picture) and Daughter-in-Law and our two wonderful Grandson's.  The visit was short and we don' get to see them as often as we would like, but we cherish the time we have together and take so many pictures and jam so much into our visit that it will have to sustain us until next time.

I made these Birdhouse magnets for a swap I am in.  Can't wait to see which ones I get.  The group has alot of awesome people/artist.
Have an awesome weekend blog/art/buddies.........DIANE

LIFE IS TWEET.....................

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blue Heart/Think Pink

Week number 26.  My Sister is going through breast cancer treatments.  I haven't been able to talk about it until now.  I still get so close to tears but I can control them some.  I have sent her a little package every Monday since she started her treatments.  Just a little something to brighten her week, something to look forward to.  It has been fun trying to think of something different every week, tea, lip gloss, a scarf for her head or a bracelet with words of encouragement. She loves Sunflowers.  I sent her a beautiful box with sunflowers, to keep some of it in.  I got the idea from my Mother.  When my brother was in Vietnam, we made cookies every week and sent a package with dry socks, Sterno, different things to eat that would keep on the trip over there.  Sometime he would get five weeks of boxes all at the same time.  He always shared and was very popular on mail call.  My brother has been cancer free for three years. Agent Orange. Stage four lymphoma. Stem Cell transplant. War on cancer.

So as my sister fights her war on cancer.....I will send her a package every week. We skype when she gets it and laugh while she opens the package.  Closer by technology. WE WANT A CURE FOR CANCER................AMEN.       DIANE

Friday, July 16, 2010

Hands in Art

Who would have thought your could do something so simple as trace your hand and turn it into a journal.  These were the hands I made that didn't fit the swap I joined so I am making my own little book. I made six of these and I will show you the book later.  I think I may chunk it up a bit..  Anyway I made six more for the swap using the same quotes so it went a little faster.  I am putting them in the mail today. I am anxious to see my returns.  I have seen a few I would really like to have.
I am glad today is Friday...only one more day of work and then I have Sunday off.  It is suppose to be 105 today.  Uggggg.  At least the store has air conditioning so it isn't too bad.  They started the mural across the street on the side of the Post Office.  They painted the sky and started the mountains.  I should take some pictures to share..Have a great weekend........................DIANE

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer, Sun and Fun

Summer finally got to our neck of the woods.  We had a very long cool Spring, with lots of rain and night time temps. in the 30's and 40's.  I was wondering what July would be like this year. The heat is finally here, it will be interesting to see if we have a early fall.  I was feeling like summer would never get here.

I finished my HAND'S for the swap but haven't scanned them to post.  I might just mail them off.  I am really at a loss for words today. I know that happens to all of us bloggers.

The main thing I wanted to share is the tree on the left.  It is a Catalpa Tree. It has leaves as large as a dinner plate and huge bunches of little white flowers that look like orchids.  So tropical........DIANE

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Hands

These were made for a swap that I joined.  If you haven't traced you hand since you were in grade school you just have to do it...all those memory's of your youth will come flooding in. The Art Quote is on the back so you are looking at both sides of two hands.  This swap was 6 for 6 and I think I will make alittle book.
Today was my morning to read the blogs of my friends and leave a note so they will know that I stopped by.  It is so fun to feel the connection of others even thought we have never met face to face.  It is a wonderful time we are living in.  And for a short time we can pretend that all is right with the world.  Peace.......DIANE