Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Gosh...It is almost July again!!

Thought I should drop in with a post since it has been almost a year.  Wow I always heard how fast the time goes when I was younger. Now I am living it. I am thankful for everyday that I have good health.  I have lost some friends, too young to die. Makes you realize how precious our days are and to enjoy every one and fill them with as much enjoyment and projects as you can possibly jam into them.

And the promise of new life renews us. My Niece just had her fifth baby. A little girl they named Lenora. I made her a quilt, as I have done for each of her little ones and each of my Brother's three children some thirty-five years ago.

I have sorta gotten caught up in the Facebook habit.  It is a fun place to see what friends and family are doing.

I have alot of art and things to post so I will see if I can get back on the blog. I do check in and look at your work and miss you and your wonderful art, beads and doings.

This is the quilt that got in the mail to our newest little one yesterday. I hope you have many blessings today for each day is a gift.    DIANE