Monday, January 5, 2009

Messy Day

Yesterday took me back to my Mother's home when I was 16 years old...I was working in my bedroom doing a large collage and spilled a cup of glue on her carpet. What a mess...I was rushing around trying to clean it up and get it out of the carpet. Maybe she wouldn't notice. Ya right!! I could never sneak anything past my Mom....Anyway yesterday I put the lid on a brand new 32 oz. jar of GOLDEN MATTE MEDIUM and you know the rest...the lid was not on tight and the whole jar fell to the floor and B O U N C E D--------spreading the white stuff everywhere even the bottom of my chair, the magazines on the floor everywhere!!! I just about cried. I grabbed a sheet of stiff card stock and scooped the biggest pile up and back into the jar. Along with all the other little bits and pieces that an art room floor has, thus contaminating the whole jar I am sure.........My dear husband heard me scream or cuss or something and came in and helped me clean the mess up...Oh well...S tuff happens and then more S tuff happens.
This little house shaped card is 4" X 6" I made a set of six in all and will share them later..CREATE and SHINE.. Diane

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roc said...

isn't it true?....stuff happens. i'm sorry you had such a mess. hope you got it all cleaned up. love your piece of artwork!