Monday, May 25, 2009

Remember Their Sacrifice

This is the day we remember the fallen. Honor the living who have served in past wars and those who serve to protect us everyday. Those who leave their family's to travel to the far corners of the globe to protect us here at home. The men and women of the Military. Your Son's and Daughters, your Brother's and Sisters, your Husband's and your Wife's. We honor you for the sacrifices you make and we pray for your safe return.
I thought this rock was rather artsy....I got in in my e-mail. Love how the flag looks to have caught some air.... Well guess I had better finish getting ready. We are going to the cemetery for the Memorial Day tribute that the V.F.W. puts on here in our little town. They read the names of all the fallen buried here going all the way back to the American Indian War. They honor all who have served in wars many who lived to talk about it and many who lived but couldn't talk about it. Have a beautiful day, enjoy your family and take a moment to think about our freedom, how precious it is and the price that is paid.........Diane


roc said...

amen to all of that. my son fought in iraq and i know how hard it was for him. i truly respect every veteran and the many sacrifices they made and are making.

Pearl said...

God Bless America!