Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fall is in the Air

Fall is in the air this morning and the temperature is down to about 40. I love when the weather starts changing. We had a wonderful summer, very pleasant temperatures not too hot. Mostly I guess we just appreciate it more after all the smoke last summer and the fires. I feel bad about the So. California fires. Hopefully they will get a little cooler temp. today and maybe even a little moisture.

The flowers here were purchased from the little flower shop here in town. My friend owns it and does such lovely work. I love having flowers in my house, so every now and then I have her make me something. She knows my moods and I told her I wanted something WILD, FREE AND COLORFUL. I think she captured my mood well.

These are the two quilts I bought at the QUILT AUCTION. The one below is called the Underground Railroad, the work is perfection. All the points match and there are many of them. The machine quilting is so fine and detailed.

Have a beautiful first day of September.........DIANE


Jan said...

Hi Diane...... lovely to catch up with you again..it's been a while!
Thank you for my birthday wishes. I have had fun looking through your Flickr photos at the Country Fair and Quilt Auction. WHAT fun! Seems like a great day and the weather looks perfect..........and all those beautiful quilts - aren't people clever. I found you and Larry right in the middle of all the photos! You're looking good girl!
Further to your earlier suggestion, yes it would be good to have a coaster or chunky book swap........I'd like that. I have a few things on at the moment but will give you a shout again a little bit down the line.
Take care and enjoy your quilts!

roc said...

gorgeous quilt and flowers! can you believe summer is almost over already? our summer here in pa. was terrible. it rained practically the entire summer! ridiculous really.

Gaby Bee said...

Fantasic flowers and a gorgeous quilt!
The German summer was really terrible this year. We had only a few hot summer days as yet. The weather was cold and rainy most of the time :-(
Have a good one!
Gaby xo

Barb said...

Diane, your arrangement of Fall flowers are lovely, and the quilt is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Alberta said...

Autumn has always filled with me simultaneously with feelings of anticipation and contentment. Perhaps it's cool astringincy of the morning air that awakens my senses or the slow, lazy drift of of the leaves that hypnotizes me. Autumn has always been the happiest time of year for me, and the colors of your flowers evoke all the feelings this season stir in me. Beautiful, beautiful post!