Saturday, January 30, 2010


Things are going pretty good.  I am remembering to write 2010 instead of 09...Just less then a month.. I just can't believe this month is over. Seems the older I get the faster it goes, guess that is true for most of us. I always remember hearing people talking about how fast time goes and now it seems I am living in warp speed.  Never enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do.  Doing nothing seems more important sometimes.  I have been caught up in the FACEBOOK addiction lately.  Seems I check it before I check my mail most days.  Then it IS my mail most days.  Have really enjoyed SKYPE'N WITH my sister.  Just like a little get together.  Such fun. We laugh so hard. I could talk to her everyday. I have missed her so much over the years.

I am looking forward to February.  Wish it was a longer month. I have a lot of plans for February...The past, present and the future....what a wonderful story..............................DIANE


All My Yesterdays said...

Oh how true about time flittering away...And like you, I'm on the computer a lot and that's when time zooms past! Between emails, FB and my Blogs, I'm lucky to get anything else done on a day off.
What I like about this time of year is that I know Spring is getting closer. Then I think of all the outside work to come and I cozy back down for awhile and enjoy the fact that I can. I'll return to see what fun February things you'll share. Have a good last day of January..

The Wrought Iron Gate said...

Hi Diane, So good to hear from you. I couldn't agree more that time just flies by. Maybe it's because we're having so much fun, yes? I hope to begin some fun projects in Feb., as well.
I had to smile when I read that your conversations with your sister are filled with laughter. Sound like me and my sisters. Our children say we giggle alot when we're together.

Best Wishes,

roc said...

isn't skyping fun? so glad you are able to have sister time. i always wanted a sister...but my mom never gave into that want! haha isn't it true how time goes by so fast? i'll be 50 soon....hey..i'm 1/2 dead! haha oh where can i sign up for that extra time in a day? point me in the right direction....