Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Two For Tea

I did a little make-over on Tanzie....My friend thought maybe she was a little too white....so I added some more color to her cheeks.  I think it was just what she needed.  I am really trying to not over think or over work my paintings.  Struggling to find my own style.  I can see they have changed from my first one.  I will have to show you a clown I did many years ago in oil paint...these are acrylic paints.  Very easy to work with if you are fast.  Oil paints give you much more time to blend and change things. The top girl with the red polka dot dress is named "Sandi With an i".........Have a blessed day and remember "A friend is a gift you give yourself" Robert Lewis Stevenson...........DIANE


Mary said...

Diane, I like the changes. She is really lovely!!!

Ranie Patridis said...

She is now perfect!