Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I Took my tripod to Hawaii in February.  It is such a wonderful place for picture taking.  Beauty is everywhere.  We were on the fourth floor and I set my tripod out on the balcony and had a bird's eye view of everything.  The top two photos were taken from the 4th. floor...It was fun trying to catch the wave just as it broke on the rocks.  After several tries I captured it.

The bird pair stayed for quite awhile and it was still hard to get them  both with their head out of their wing.  They were just preening away.

The flowers were at a Farmers Market/Swap Meet.  I was in my glory there.  Lots and lots of jewelry, art for sale and beautiful fresh fruit.

Have a beautiful spring day it is raining here...................DIANE

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Vicki said...

Great pictures! Never been there yet but who knows..
Take care (o: