Thursday, June 24, 2010

Where is Marsha?

It is time to catch up with friends....Funny how in this busy world of ours we can reconnect with friends in just a CLICK..I haven't been writing in my blog as much as usual.  I haven't had much time for art lately. The yard and spring cleaning has been taking up most of my time.   Today I went on strike...and spent my whole day in my studio.  I bought some new clip art.   The fish on her head is one of the things I bought. I had to cut the tail off to make a hat out of it. My friend Marsha has sorta disappeared lately.  I know she has taken on alot of new ventures and is making a big splash in the art world. is wonderfully talented and I am sure she will be quite famous soon.  She has a magical style all her own and has gone into selling some of her stuff to the rest of us so we can make some magicial, fun things too. She inspired this 4" x 6" little work of Art that I did today.  Hope you are having fun Marsha,    Love and Hugs, DIANE
P.S. I will tell you about my other cool artist that I found and bought down-loads from in my next post.  Stay tuned.  HINT she did the fish that I used for the Hat.


June said...

Ohhh loving this one and the fish, I agree Marsha has disappeared. I hope she is ok
Hugs June xxx

roc said...

great job diane!