Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Work In Progress

Journals in a new size, 4" x 6" with an added edge.  I haven't finished the backs yet but they will continue the theme and colors of the front with another little quote about House and Home. The swap is to trade six of these pages. I am sorta in a crunch with time they are due the 30th of Oct....still have three to go and the backs.   Oh well I will make it...Almost dropped out because I was running out of time and hadn't started them yet but I hate to be a drop-out and have managed to not commit to things that I can't finish. (most of the time) Today try a random act of KINDNESS.....You are the one that will benefit.


Tumble Fish Studio said...

I love your little houses! They're so cute and lovely and sweet. Reminds me to appreciate my little humble abode and be thankful for the love that makes it home.

I got the cutest mail from you last Friday and so late to thank you! You are so sweet and thoughtful and I am touched! You have definitely helped my spirit the last couple of months, dear Diane! Thank you for thinking of me and putting a big smile on my face. I've had it sitting out here on my desk for days and so I smile often!


roc said...

so glad you didn't drop out. your houses are wonderful!!

Cathy said...

these are great little houses!

Stafford Ray said...

Particularly like the jaunty angle of the hat on the house you hung your hat on! Glad I writ that and didn't try to say it!