Monday, October 18, 2010


LOST IN MY IMAGINATION.....LOST ON MY COMPUTER.  Lost time spent looking for files....H E L P !!  I knew I had to get something on my blog this morning and wanted to put the collage I finished that was done at the same time as my last posted collage...but I couldn't find it. But I did find pictures of the Homecoming Parade that I took last week.  I thought I filed them in my Facebook file..but lo and  behold there they were under BLOG..Too much, too many.  I bought an external storage for all my pictures in case my PC ever decides to dump all my files. I have that all screwed up too.  Loose files, duplicate files.  I really need to take a class on how to save your files with some sort of something that makes sense......My camera downloads to a KODAK program.  Every download is filed by date unless I add a name which I never do..My PC has files under my pictures according to the group that I want to share with. FLICKR, ETSY, BLOG, FACEBOOK etc. Then I have files for every member of my family to save pictures of their kids and grandkids. I have to change the size of most pictures I upload but I have to be careful not to change anything I might want to print so in most cases I have two sizes.....S I G H..........I wish I could just start over..but be careful what you wish for or you could loose it all...eeekkk.

The external hard drive that I bought a couple of years ago is called THE BOOK it cost less than two hundred dollars and I am sure is way less today. I sleep better at night knowing I have a back-up system but not everything gets put on there.  Time....Here is a little hint for you...for Twenty-five dollars a year..FLICKR will save your pictures for you.  My brother pays Fifty-dollars a year for an on line service to save his stuff. Lets face it, all of it takes ..................................................T I M E...........gotta go...........hugs, Diane


Terri Kahrs said...

I feel your pain!!! If you could glance at my folders, they're all named differently and there are different sized versions too. OMG! It's a virtual disaster area!!! If you come up with a solution, you could make a mint!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

roc said...

i'm giggling..because you actually sound like you have a plan with your files next to me! haha i think you are probably way ahead of the ball game. i JUST found out external hard drives even exist! i don't think i should be allowed to own a computer! haha

BlueRidgeLady said... glad I'm not the only one...that's a whole new job to tackle one day....maybe next week LOL!!!!!!!! I really love the collage! Saw it on my blog in the preview, had to come straight here and tell you how pretty is was!