Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

Sorry it has been so long between posts. Many thing going on here, so many things I want to do. My friend Chatty Ranie and I made this book. She bought the ZUTTER cutter for heavy cardboard.  We cut out the blank stock. She also has the cute little pink BIND-IT-ALL.  While she was visiting we made the blank book and later I decorated it with the pretty paper background and then printed all the pictures and added some scrapbook fun things and used my CRICUT to cut some hats and numbers.  A touch of ribbon and off in the mail to my niece for her youngest who turned Two.. How can you go wrong with a cute little face like that...

I have signed up with ANCESTORY.COM and adding to our family genealogy.  I worked on it several years ago and wanted to get further back.  Still some family I haven't found.  It means more time on the pc and less time in the art room.  So there you have it..I will still check on the blog list.   Love to see what everyone else is doing.  Hugs, DIANE

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roc said...

i love my bind it all! isn't it fun to be able to make little books?