Monday, July 18, 2011

Oh My..Where Did July Go?

July is almost over.  We got away for 4th. of July to visit our two Grandson's and their gracious parents.  We had a spectacular time and it is going down as my best fourth ever...We were gone about a week.  We spent one nite at Bandon, Oregon. Beautiful Beach.

This is the book that I made for my Niece's oldest daughter.  It was really fun and she liked it.  My sister-in-law said all 4 kids pack them around in their little bag to share. Mailed them all down to San Diego.

Put away all my bead stuff. I made 10 pair to sell in our local Tea and Flower Shop. Started some canvas work.  I am on my third. 
I hope to show them to you soon.

Oh ya, about this book.....I bought a board book at a Thrift Store for 25 cents.  It was a Big Bird Book.  Nice heavy pages perfect for a photo project.  I made a bunch of tags with fancy yarn and ribbon and made a pocket to hold them so she can personalize them. I think she will have fun filling them with thoughts and sayings. Anyway..........Have a glorious week............Hugs, Diane

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The Dreaming Bear said...

And here we September already! Can you believe it? Fun pics!