Saturday, April 4, 2009

Silent Screen Beauties

Beauties of the Silent Screen was the challenge I joined for a postcard swap. Oh...yes and Zetti her too. I wanted to use this image and so the only Zetti thing is of course her stripe stockings. However the hat and fan are Zetti fun items too. I was afraid to mail her without an envelope because of the copper door(German Scrap) and black paper German scrap on the top of the card. Have a fun filled weekend. Relax and enjoy the changing weather. Hugs, Diane


The Wrought Iron Gate said...

What a clever card. I love the texture of the copper embossed door, and the black German scrap at the top. The lady's stripped stockings make me smile.
Have a great weekend.


postcardkris said...

Lost your last comment to my blog to accidential deletion. Could you resend? If so, I'll post it. Thanks. This card is very fine.

Cathy Mendola said...

I love it. THe copper door is beautiful but the addition of the turquoise circles of paint really make it POP!

postcardkris said...

No need to publish this.
The link I think was a comment you made to my Blossom post with the Montana Double Date card. The blog would not let me repost your comment after I accidentally deleted it. I eventually simply posted the comment from my email to the post directly. Phew. Anyway, no worries. I wish there was an easier way to communicate. Do you use email? My address is in my blog profile if you ever need to write something that is not a comment. Keep the creative juices flowing. The best to you and yours, Kris