Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oueen for a Day Postcard

This was made for a swap. Postcards are so much fun to work on...Love the size but I guess I am just 4 x 4 chunky junky....I love the ribbons and charms and such, and I love the way they go into little books. But postcards are fun to make too. I think I may have had a swap lost in the postal system. It is really a bummer if it doesn't get to the host this week... I was the third person to add art to it. The first person does some art on three cards then mails them to the second person on the list. The second person adds more art then mails the three card to the third person who was me, and I finish the art and mail two cards to the first person...Anyway if she doesn't get them that means two people are out of the card...sad. I will make them a copy of the one that I kept and send them each a copy but it is not as good as the real ones..Oh well stuff happens and then more stuff happens...

I just wanted to add that I have been sending mail all over the world for about two years now and this is the first thing that didn't get there. I guess I have been lucky, others have had a few more problems. I mailed two things this day, one was a postcard that I sent in an envelope for protection. It was going to Netherlands, so I posted the card inside just so she could have the stamp and postmark...Well...the postcard fell out of the envelope. The day that I got the empty envelope with a notice on it, she got the postcard...She said it was the fasted mail she had ever gotten from the U.S. Go figure. Have an artFULL April....................Diane


postcardkris said...

I love what you do with these old images, and you're gifted when it comes to mail too.
Did you see this?
Didn't know if it interested you but thought I'd send it your way just in case.
Happy posting.

Outstanding Stranger said...

Kris, for some reason I could not get this link?? Got lake forest? Can you send me the link I would love to see it..Diane