Thursday, July 2, 2009

Art Gives Me Wings

Ahh yes.....Crowns and Wings and Artsy Things. A very big influence in the world of altered art. It seems as though everything has sprouted wings these days. You will find them on puppy's and kittens and kids. And crowns aren't just for royalty anymore, vintage women are my favorite to crown. And don't forget the crowing glory of the pointed hat and you can Zetti just about anything. I am loving the Journal pages that I am seeing out and about. They are fun and colorful and just full of imagination.
I have four more necklaces to share and then on with something else. I know it may seem early for some of you but I am already thinking about what to make and give for Christmas. I have an idea for two small scrapbooks and one altered book. I guess that's a start, just to think about it.
Art On..........Diane


purplecat said...

Talking of wings I love my birdie chunky page of yours I rec'd :)

The Wrought Iron Gate said...

Love your winged necklaces!

Too early for Christmas? No sir!
My Christmas gift list is in it's planning stages, as well. I've come up with some fun projects (for family members) using vintage photos of relatives.

Best Wishes,

Diane said...

Diane, thanks for stopping by my Blog what a darling name you have given your Blog. I sure do like altered necklaces. Just my style mix of vintage gems. Have a wonderful 4th
Hugs, Diane
FYI I sure do like your name (: