Monday, December 7, 2009

How to Relax and Enjoy The Holiday

Yes I am finished with all my shopping.  Everything is wrapped with lovely little bows and glitter sprayed pine cones that I gathered while walking my three mile after Turkey Dinner walk.  The tree that my husband cut is lovely this year.  I like to change the theme every year and this year we choose green and gold. It means that I have to change all my decorations but I love starting fresh every year. Buying all the lovely ribbon and tying up over 100  6 inch bows to go with the new gold balls that are all glittery.  I have my cookie making stuff all fresh and will try a new recipe this year.  I haven't decided which six types I will use.  I always make six different kinds.  I am going to try a new fudge recipe too.  Found one that sounds fabulous with chopped cherries in it.  I love Christmas. I would love it more if I was Martha Stewart. If I had a staff of twelve or so......In my dreams all of the above would be true..still it is fun to fantasize...Hugs to all and I am sorry I have been gone for so long.  I lost my background and haven't had the time to find it. I have been busy making Jewelry and hope to publish it soon.         DIANE


roc said...

you make me don't need to be martha're already better than she is! you just need the staff of 12! haha you're funny. i can't believe you are done shopping. lord almight. i still only have one gift! i'm getting nervous!
i hope i get to talk to you before xmas..but if not...have a beautiful holiday with your family and friends.

Tumble Fish Studio said...

I am so jealous! I have so much left to do and nothing will be as pretty or perfect as all you do sounds. You are welcome to pop over and help me out anytime!
Well, I am finally trying to catch up on my long overdue blog visiting so I need to go snoop around here a bit more, but wanted to at least leave some wishes for a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Diane!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Well, we need to read down to the bottom I guess! (just got your comment on my post and came back to reread) You are too funny! Your spoof worked in that I was getting so jealous and feeling so inadequate I think I quit reading after the chopped cherries and Martha Stewart! You can still come over and be "undone with Christmas" with me!
p.s. I know your jewelry will get published as soon as you send it in! It's so fun and whimsical!