Friday, July 16, 2010

Hands in Art

Who would have thought your could do something so simple as trace your hand and turn it into a journal.  These were the hands I made that didn't fit the swap I joined so I am making my own little book. I made six of these and I will show you the book later.  I think I may chunk it up a bit..  Anyway I made six more for the swap using the same quotes so it went a little faster.  I am putting them in the mail today. I am anxious to see my returns.  I have seen a few I would really like to have.
I am glad today is Friday...only one more day of work and then I have Sunday off.  It is suppose to be 105 today.  Uggggg.  At least the store has air conditioning so it isn't too bad.  They started the mural across the street on the side of the Post Office.  They painted the sky and started the mountains.  I should take some pictures to share..Have a great weekend........................DIANE


June said...

These are fabulous. Each one different but i love that idea, i did it once and it was such a lot of fun, yours are inspiring
hugs June xxx

The Dreaming Bear said...

Hi there! Happy to find your lovely blog! Love the hands with quotes on them...very cool! I often find myself tracing my hands in my work too. Cheers to you! Will be back soon!

Pearl said...

Love the hand art always have, thanks for the lovely comments.