Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blue Heart/Think Pink

Week number 26.  My Sister is going through breast cancer treatments.  I haven't been able to talk about it until now.  I still get so close to tears but I can control them some.  I have sent her a little package every Monday since she started her treatments.  Just a little something to brighten her week, something to look forward to.  It has been fun trying to think of something different every week, tea, lip gloss, a scarf for her head or a bracelet with words of encouragement. She loves Sunflowers.  I sent her a beautiful box with sunflowers, to keep some of it in.  I got the idea from my Mother.  When my brother was in Vietnam, we made cookies every week and sent a package with dry socks, Sterno, different things to eat that would keep on the trip over there.  Sometime he would get five weeks of boxes all at the same time.  He always shared and was very popular on mail call.  My brother has been cancer free for three years. Agent Orange. Stage four lymphoma. Stem Cell transplant. War on cancer.

So as my sister fights her war on cancer.....I will send her a package every week. We skype when she gets it and laugh while she opens the package.  Closer by technology. WE WANT A CURE FOR CANCER................AMEN.       DIANE

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Cathy said...

diane, i will keep your sister in myo prayers. my mom just finished 7 weeks of radiation treatment for breast cancer.
i love how you've committed to artfully expressing your love and support for your sister.