Sunday, May 18, 2008

Day is Done

Finished the Scrapbook for my Niece today. She is such a cutie it was hard to pick the photos that would go in the album and the ones that didn't make it. I have made a box for her that I keep putting things in so some day she will have special little things that I leave behind for her. It is never to early to make little boxes of goodies for your loved ones. It is a beautiful blue box and I glued a picture of her on it so I can find it easy, and add things of meaning as I find them. I have been working on this album for months so now I have to "re-boot" my studio. It will probably take all day to put away all my scrapbook stuff and get ready for my next burst of creativity. I have an idea what my next project will be, check back in a few days and I might have something to show you.

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