Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I didn't think I would end up buying aceo's. Especially since I have made hundreds myself. I love making them. It is amazing how much art you can get on a little 3.5 x 2.5 piece of paper. Well I couldn't help much fantastic art out there I just had to have some in my collection. I got the original today that I bought on E Bay and it was worth every penny. Fantastic artist, in fact I am out on 3 more of her auctions. If I get them all my dear sweet Husband may kick my butt. (Kill seemed a little harsh.) After the auctions are over I will ask the artist if I can post them to share with you...wouldn't want any of you biding against me...

Meanwhile here is the first in a series of three collages that I did. They are 18 x 24. The Cowboy in the Red Hat was yesterdays post and Siena of the Orient was posted a few days ago in 3 WIP stages.

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jennalee said...

Diane- Love your blog. Glad that you took the leap. It's a great outlet. Love your newly aquired atc and the others you made. Hope your art spoon comes out great.