Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bernie Berlin

This morning there was a program about the man who trained and rehabilitated dogs that he rescues from the animal shelters. Many of his dogs were made famous over the years by being in Broadway productions and movies. This reminded me of Bernie Berlin...If you haven't heard of her you should see her web site. She is LOVELY and LOVING and I wish she was my neighbor. She rescues animals. Some have been abused and would be put to death and she heals them with love and kindness. Oh......and did I mention she does some awesome art too. This is my little tribute to her this morning. I did a collage of my brother and I from a photo that was taken back in the mid 1950's. My first dog, Queenie......she had 9 puppies and packed them up on my brothers bed. He awoke to little squeaks and grunts. She licked them all clean. In his sleepiness he thought she was eating them.


Joy said...

What a cute puppy story! Love the collage...

Viola said...

Your collage looks so very beautiful, Diane!