Monday, June 30, 2008

Chunky Book pages

Today my chunky pages go in the mail. I wanted to take a picture of all of them together. They look so fluffy and cool...I can't wait to get mine. These were made for a swap at ATC's for All. It was very fun and I am looking forward to trading a few more. They are 4" X 4" .
Our satellite is down this morning and has not been working for a few days now..I think it is from the smoke in the air from the fires. So I am back on dial-up and really feeling the difference..I got spoiled in a hurry. Especially looking at every one's blog. Quite a lot slower.


Joy Zaczyk said...

Hope the fire gets controlled - how scary that must be.

Your pages are fabulous!


roc said...

your little stack of chunkies looks great!

Jan said...

This is so good Diane - so colourful!