Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jewels Of The Sea Swap #3 are my last 3 pendants from the swap.
The first one pictured is from Jullie. It is very delicate and hard to photograph. It has a beautiful Mermaid in the top and an awesome silver fish and crystals in a lovely shade blue. The card that she printed is pretty enough to wear too. I just love it. You can see her art at

The second picture is presented on a cool ATC. I didn't photograph but the back is a playing card with the number 3 and an Octopus on it...don't know what game it might have been from but it fit the theme. She made the sea weed element out of some type of clay and added real shells and some copper and brass shells too. Very cool, all that and then the pendant, which is a shell with pearls and crystals and a very pretty copper starfish. Love it Lisa.... You can see her work at

The third one was made by Tiffany. She is at flickr and has a nice demo as to how she made it. Cool drill Tiffany. The pendant has a large amber colored crystal, very cool beach-glass and some hand made charms. You can see her work at

Any way....I learned a lot from my first blog swap and met some outstanding people who are no longer strangers.. Have a Creative Day.. Diane

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Lisa said...

Hi Diane!! So glad you like your pendant- they were fun to make. This was my first swap, too & so much fun! Thanks again, Lisa