Monday, July 21, 2008

Visiting My Grandson's

It was good to get out of town for the weekend. Our Daughter-in-law's parents have a lovely home and beautiful yard with a great pool. It was so nice to just sit outside and have fresh air. (did I mention an amazing grape arbor??)
The smoke is still so bad in fact it got worse last night as they started some backfires. Very smokey this morning. The Grand kids are growing so fast, wish we could see them more often.

I received three swaps in the mail. I have to photograph my little packages of goodies from the Sea Swap. I didn't even open the little packages they were so pretty, wanted to take pictures first. Returns from the Chunky Book pages were awesome...all six of the ones I got were fantastic artwork. Great job Amy at AFA. And my Gothic Arches were wonderful with the fun Zetti theme. Mandy at Mail art World must have had a fun time hosting this one. Great Art.

Today: Sprinkle some Joy around.

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roc said...

what a cutie he is! lucky you! glad to hear you enjoyed yourself. and now i need to do you keep yourself from ripping open your mail art?!?!? i just don't have it in me!!