Friday, July 25, 2008

Jewels Of The Sea Swap #2

Here are 3 of the 6 pendants that I received. First of all I want to say they were all wonderful..This was my first swap in the Blog world and I really loved it. Speckled Egg did a great job sorting and distributing everything.. What fun she must had had.
The top one was made by Jenny at She really did an outstanding job. She put so much work into each one. She made six and each box was papered, with lace and a fun top. Then she decorated the card to hold the pendant with lovely paper and a miniature print of the swap photo on the back. Oh.....and did I say the pendant was lovely. And if you want a good LAUGH...CHECK OUT HER BLOG. Let her know Diane sent You..
The second picture is a metal pendant that says Seas with fun little shells and net and beach glass. The little satin bag filled with little glass pebbles and the drift wood topping was fantastic. It was made by Amy but I lost her address in the mess of my studio. If someone could get it to me I would appreciate it.
The third one was beautiful with crystal and pearls in the prettiest shade of blue and a silver shell on the end..It was attached to a very pretty tag that looked like the ocean. Lovely. Check out Ledie's work at I will post the next three in a day or so.
Thank you for stopping by and ART-ON. Diane


fated follies studio said...

you are quite sweet to say all those lovely things. i appreciate it. i had lots of fun and i loved what everyone made! it was great to see what everyone made and received too!


roc said...

great returns! can't wait to see your other three!