Saturday, August 9, 2008


Here is another 4x4 chunky book page for my swap...I hope there is no confusion as to where to sign up...On flicker I started a group site where you can up load your work for this swap, so if you are a member of flickr you can join there. If you blog only you can sign up here on the newest post or the original post. We still have lots of room and the due date is not until OCT 15th. so there is lots of time. Hopefully I didn't make it too far in advance. We are getting some really great artist for this so.... sign up. We have Amyfaire from AFA who does amazing 4x4's .
Have a Art Full weekend. Diane


Artsy Gemini said...

DIANE.............your blog site is just as amazing as your art work. and girlfriend that chunkies you are making right now are just flat out 'the bomb'. I love them. ;0) !

Coffeelatte said...

Coffeelatte from AFA and Flickr, here...totally awed by what's being posted by the contributors so far. I've signed up to swap, too...hope I am worthy of this group!