Saturday, August 16, 2008


Today my blog hit 80........It has been so much fun and I have worked to keep it Art Focused and still somewhat intimate. I have made a lot of new friends and have been touched by their openness, overwhelmed by their artistic ability and charmed by their kindness.

It has brought a new feeling of accomplishment to my life and a great stress reliever as well. There are times when I wonder if anyone is out there, and other times when I realise it is a rather selfish pleasure that I have all to myself.
This is a fun 4 x 4 Chunky book page that I made for the Got Bling swap...I call it "Jungle Bling" One day I didn't have anything in my mind I found this flower part and wondered what it would be like to stamp it. It sat on my work table for a long time before it found its way on to this piece. Makes me know why I have so much stuff out on my table. Sooner or later they find a place on my art. Have a creative weekend......Diane

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