Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Beautiful Bling Book

Admit are hooked on ART and this rather new form. In our world of excess, bigger is not necessarily better....These small 4" X 4" little works of art are fun to create and don't take up much room to collect. Even if the amount of STUFF you need to collect in order to make these little beauties..can fill a whole room.

The "Got Bling?" swap is getting down to the wire. Ireland has mailed their returns. That is the furthest place these little art works are coming from. Just about 1/2 of the pages are here, punched and set with eyelets. I have the rings, so each player will receive a completed book. They can add more pages if they want, I know I made extra for my book. I will fill everyone in on the progress as I go along and I plan to take a picture of my swap table when they get here.

I also have a surprise for the 1st player to send in their pages, and a special little something for the 2nd. arrival. PEACE...................Diane


TanyaMac said...

I'm so excited about your bling swap - hopefully, those pages will be with you very very soon!!

** P.S YoU HaVe bEeN tAgGeD!! **

Please reveal 7 random things about your sweet blingful self and tag 7 other blogger friends in return {see my latest post} :)*

roc said...

i saw your chunky bling pages from the group over at flickr. they look great. i'm so glad you had a wonderful first time swap!!