Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Hero

My husband went on another fire the other evening. Everyone who is married to a firefighter knows the dinners that they leave behind. The warm bed that leave and the cold street that they stand on in the middle of the night. The ice that forms on their mustache. The things that they see, that they can't talk about. The loss of life from vehicle accidents. Dedicated to serve, volunteers to rescue. Honor to community. My Hero..... Thank a Volunteer............Diane


LISA B said...

My AC's son is a firefighter, another thing we have in common!

Tatieva said...

I love fireman !
Mon père est pompier français. Ce sont des hommes courageux, forts et généreux. C'est un beau métier.
Bravo les pompiers !
Kisses from France

Jan said...

The photo of your dear man brought tears to my eyes. A true, very brave, hero - what would we do without men like him who are prepared to put their own lives on the line to help others. I would like to shake his hand - please give him my warmest thanks Diane for his selfless dedication.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

My brother is a fireman. To hero's!

roc said...

amen to those sentiments! tell him i said "thank you" for all he does.

Paben said...

erseSay Thanks from Me Too!My son-in-law is too. Last year my grandson(his 15 year old son)went into his first burning building when they were practicing!My hubby was always on call and worked for the railroad.Many a night he came home with a frozen mustach and beard working A derailment ect.!

Kitty said...

Your husband's eyes tell the whole story. I've seen that look many times.

I work in a Trauma Center and have felt the way that he looks in that photo. By the same token, there's another look of pure joy when we save lives too.

God Bless him for the work that he does!