Saturday, March 14, 2009

Welcome Baby

My Niece Naomi is expecting her 4th. baby any day now. In fact I think she is overdue. They are having a little girl. Her name is still only known to the two of them, their little secret to keep just for themselves. Naomi is my Brother's oldest child, a special person in every way. I made one of my first quilts for her when she was born and now I have made one for her baby. I got to give it to her in person when we went to see my Mother. She was very happy with it and loved the bright colors, but most of all she loved the Tweety Bird fabric I found to go in the quilt. She grew up being called Tweety because she has the cutest little Tweety lips. It is sad to think I may not get to see the new addition for a year but that is the life I live. That of a long distance Auntie. I will get the phone call in the middle of the night I have been promised. There is no news better then the birth of a new little person....Hugs, Diane

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roc said...

what a gorgeous little quilt. wow. that is such a beautiful gift. you are right....there is something extremely special about babies! how exciting.