Friday, March 27, 2009

Blogger Award

Well I received a blog award from a new friend. Her name is Tina and her blog is "All things Crafty" She has some very fun ways to play and do art with your children or grandchildren..I loved her idea to use bird seed instead of sand for a playtime sandbox. You can hide little toys in the bird seed and little hands come out clean and the birds can clean up the mess...Great idea and lots more so check out her blog.

Here is how this award works. I have to tell Seven things about myself and then pass this award on to Seven other people who have blogs that are fun and interesting, so here goes.

1. Blogging boosts my confidence and has re-newed my ability for spelling and grammar. It is always a challenge and thank goodness for spellcheck. (though I understand it is not 100%).

2. I never thought I would enjoy sharing my art.

3. I love where I am in my life. Husband, Job, Art.

4. I am only on #4????? this is hard.

5. I miss some of my Friends that I met on the first ATC site I joined a couple of years ago. One person I tried over and over to contact and she never returned my call (maybe she thought I was a stocker???) Another one was over seas and I think about her now and then. She did some great art and was generous and kind.

6. I am amazed at how close you feel to people you meet in cyber space.

7. My biggest fear and worry right now is about my brother who is very sick, I pray for him every day many times. the hard part. Picking Seven other blogger's that I love to visit because there are many.

1. The first one would have to go to my little buddy Roc. An amazing artist who raises the bar a little higher everyday. Check out her art here







Well that's just a few of my fav's...please check them out and you will see a wide varity of wonderful new things. Happy Blogging Buddies!......Diane


roc said...

how kind of you to mention me diane! i loved reading your little post this morning!

Cathy Mendola said...

How sweet! Thanks for the award.
I was missing in action last week due
to my daughter being home from college on springbreak. I am back in full force now. I will spread the news and forward the award on to 7 more blogger/friends.
Hope your brother is going to be ok.

Janny said...

Congrats with your award, beautiful work on your Blog;o)