Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Charming Life

A friend always graces us with her homemade sugar cookies. Last Christmas I hoarded them and was a little embarrassed....But they are so good I just didn't want to share. Shame on me.

This is another shot of a day we had in Oregon...It was so beautiful and I always feel renewed when I go to the Ocean. The Sea, the sand and the air.

Just had to share another picture of our new fence and the fall colors of our Snowball Bush.

And some Art...Charms that I made to trade with a group of friends on line. I made ten different charms out of scrabble tiles. Can't wait to get mine from ten other artist. Well I am off to work and if I don't dry my hair soon I will look like a bed head....uggg. Have a beautiful day. Breath in the fall colors, put on a pot of beans or bake something sweet......Hugs, Diane


Pearl said...

I love picket fence's sometimes I dream of my cottage with a picket fence and a small home to just be. When I'm old that's were I'll be...I suppose thats right around the corner? Show us your gorgeous yard!!!

roc said...

love seeing your photos. love your new fence! your art charms are awesome!

Mary said...

yum, the cookies look fantastic.
love your charms, will have to check out your etsy site.

Have a great weekend!!

All My Yesterdays said...

Thanks for following my blog...
Love the looks of them cookies, don't think I'd want to share either!
Hope you had a fun, safe Halloween.


All My Yesterdays said...

Oh, forgot to tell you I visited your Etsy shop and love what you do with Scrabble tiles...my favorite game! I'll be ordering sometime soon.

The Wrought Iron Gate said...

Hi Diane,
I finally got my new computer, yesterday. I'm sorry I've been so long answering your question, but the old computer I was using, until I found time to go buy a new one, quit working too. I was out of town (visiting my granddaughter) for ten days....no time for computer buying then, so now I'm ready to resume my blogging life. In response to your question: After much research and debate, I did decide to buy a PC. I know that a Mac is considered the industry standard, when it comes to graphics.......but I found I could get a more powerful computer in a PC. Power is the magic word when it comes to graphic design. So far, I'm very pleased.

I love your white picket fence....sooooo charming. I also love your charms. I want to learn to make charms. I had signed up for a soldering class at a weekend crafting event, but some of the classes didn't make, so the event was cancelled....sigh! Maybe I'll get another opportunity.

Best Wishes,