Sunday, October 4, 2009

For The Love Of It

The latest necklace's that I have made were shorter and lighter in theme. I am still using the lovely background which is a beautiful box that is also used to store the finished product.

I have once again broken down my studio and put away most of my beading stuff. Then I realised that I
had joined a charm swap in a altered art group that I am in. Luckily everything is still pretty handy so I didn't have much to do to find the things that would be used in my charms. It was fun to get out my scrabble tiles again. More on that later.

I was really missing my friends on
the site and the fun of trading so...
against my better judgment I joined
a few more swaps. One is a postcard
challenge. Just one card so that
won't be too much and the other is a
Swap of five SKINNY'S. A skinny is
smaller than a postcard 3"x5". The
theme is a fun one and I will keep that
to myself until later. I will share the finished
project later.

Have a creative Sunday and don't forget
the Creator............


roc said...

beautiful jewelry pieces diane! we've missed you too!

Barbara said...

Very beautiful necklaces :)

Lisa said...

Very nice the colors

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Hi Diane! I've been away far too long. Sooooo many gorgeous jewelry pieces to see! And the Indian Chief Rock and more. What a pleasure and treat to see. I love what you're doing with your jewelry, especially the abalone - one of my favorite beach treasures. I'll try not to be so scarce in visiting again! Don't want to miss anything!

Bevie said...

It's so nice to have found your blog Diane, and I have to say your jewelry is gorgeous...will have to check everything out..I am now a follower because I love your work!!!