Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oregon Coast

We had a wonderful visit with our son and daughter-in-law. The Grand kids are growing and changing so fast. We got to watch our grandson TJ play a football game. I didn't know they started them so early. He is 10 yrs. old. The little 2 yr. old is a ball of fire. Always on the go and very independent. We had a fun trip home along the coast of Oregon in all its fall beauty. The weather was wonderful and 65 and sunny. This is the place we stayed at on the beach. Would love to stay there again it was great. Have a great weekend...DIANE


Cathy said...

glad you had a wonderful trip.

born in oregon; grew up 1/2 of my childhood in oregon; love oregon!

Pearl said...

Well that brought back memories I use to go there every year for 25years to stay in the log cabins they use to have by Haystack rock. They even had glass door knobs, those were the days! Not all the big high rise's they have now. And back when I went they had Hippie stores with lots of fun colors and my parents hated it of course. Those were the days though. Have a great night and i'm glad you had a good time.

postcardkris said...

What beautiful pictures. It sounds like a great time with the family and ever necessary rejunivation.

Thanks for the blog correction. I'm updating the post now.

postcardkris said...

That should be "rejuvenation."