Thursday, August 6, 2009

I Lied........

Well it wasn't exactly a lie....more like an oversight I guess. I was straightening up my studio and I found these four little goodies in a box with some supplies I had photographed to put on Etsy.

Now these are really the last in this series. That is if I don't go on another kick. The lady's are made on poker chips, and sealed with diamond glaze.

This little jewel is a very delicate watch part and the wings are a lacy gold tone charm.

I am not sure what this was in a former life. It is a found piece, maybe a belt buckle. I attached charms and watch gears. Sorta funky, sorta fun. Anyway these really are the last for a while. Be creative, try something different. There are many things you can do and most do not require a lot of new tools. However I did buy a soldering iron....haven't used it yet but I thought it would be good on some of jewelry......................Diane


Tumble Fish Studio said...

Oh, kick away! I've so enjoyed your jewelry pieces. It's just fun to see you work in any old way you choose. The joy in your work is apparent and so lovely and fun!

Anonymous said...

I love the watch part one its precious and the ladies are beautiful too
hugs June x

Nancy Maxwell James said...

your jewelry pieces are just amazing! so fun! Thanks for the kind words on my blog! :) Have a happy Tuesday!