Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Random Thoughts

I have recently joined a group of artist in a broad effort to STOP ART PIRACY Please stop by this site and add your support. Support in numbers not money...we are raising awareness to the problem of people stealing art and posting it as their own. How low can you go. Our aim in the art world is to inspire, teach, learn and share techniques. Maybe along the way get some art published and always to meet friends with the same interest.

I found a few other places to check the rules of copyright. Respect the rules. Dig deep into your creative imagination and be original. You will find your own style and more than likely people will distinguish you and your style. I know a lot of us in groups are doing the same theme of art, and it is fun to see how many ways you can cut it, but always stick to your own style. DIANE


Tumble Fish Studio said...

Oh, thank you, thank you for posting about this. I just read about a poor woman who had a student steal her work and entered a contest and won money with it! Then I read about how someone was walking through Sears and saw there work on a t-shirt. We really even have to help folks try to credit folks for the images they legally use (when appropriate and feasible) so that it doesn't get too far away from the image owner and interpreted as some kind of free for all. I could blabber and blabber. So thank you for your support!

Hey, are those your grapes growing? Wow! How luscious they look! You are quite the gardener my dear!

Pearl said...

Love them Grapes! Mine are the same size right now

Outstanding Stranger said...

No Marsha, the grapes are on a friend's arbor but it was fun to photograph them. I read that about the woman and the student over at flickr. That is why I went with this writing tonight. Hugs, Diane

Beth Niquette said...

Hello, Diane! THank you so much for your concerns about art stealing on the internet.

My daughter had one of her "sample" photomanip drawings of wing brushes (she ahd her sister had created), stolen by some guy in Taiwan, who used her work on a ciggarete box, and was selling them on ebay. We did get it shut down, but every now and then it pops up again.

I stopped putting my work on DeviantArt because of the proliferation of people stealing artwork.

Thanks for the links, and blessings to you! Your blog, by the way is GREAT!

Claire said...

Art piracy is an unconscionable thing, yet so many people remain so unaware. Good for you for highlighting this issue.

Those grapes are THE BIGGEST bunches I have ever seen in my life! I grow grapes and I get bunches about 1/10 that size. What does your friend feed them? What variety are they? Wow!

Cathy said...

HI Diane, Sorry I haven't been visiting regularly. Took some time off, but now I'm back.
I am so shocked at all the art piracy that is going on lately. Kudos to you and Marsha and everyone who is trying to call attention to it. It's such a shame.
Anyway, I just love your photos of the grapes, they look perfect.

Pearl said...

Thanks for the comments, Wow you had a very scary fire! Thank God for your husband the fire fighter, we love our firemen! God bless him and those who do it everyday. Thanks, Pearl