Sunday, August 2, 2009


This is the last of my Victorian Steampunk Jewelry. I can't tell you how much fun it was to create the funky jewelry. I had been saving chain for quite awhile, picking it up at thrift stores here and there. Had not a clue what I would use it for but loved the different sizes that I found.

The dice and game pieces I started collecting when I started on my ALTERED ART journey. Being a collector, the fun was finding the stuff whenever my husband and I would go on a little trip somewhere. I even enlisted him in the quest. And he would always come back with a scrabble game or something I could add to my stash. It was fun. Things that were not already on the list were fun to find. Altered art is all about thinking outside the box. Some of the things I gathered I still haven't thought of a use for, but I will come up with something . Have a creative day............................DIANE


postcardkris said...

I'm always rewarded when I check out your site, Diane. I adore the Wing and a Charm SteamPunk pieces, especially the image of the woman with the wing like watch part. She appears to be flying to a new land where serendipidy reigns. Wonderful. Thanks for posting.
I belong to the International Brotherhood of Unashamed and Resplendant Packrats or IBURP. I should have guessed there was a corresponding female order.

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Hi miss Diane! You go girl! You are making incredible magic here with these jewelry pieces. I love the wings - you know I do!

roc said...

love your imagination diane!

Alberta said...

I spent some time exploring your lovely blog this morning, Dianne, and it is such a lovely refuge brimming with funky jewelry, imagination, and joyful irreverence. My kind of place exactly, so I'm adding you to my blog role immediately, in order to come back and visit again and again.