Thursday, August 13, 2009

Stargazer and White Delight

I couldn't resist showing you my white lily and another shot of the Stargazer now that three blooms were open. It was a little tricky because the wind has been coming up everyday, just when the lighting is just right. Anyway it doesn't take a lot of talent to photograph something so beautiful...I mean how can you go wrong. And since a picture is worth a thousand words.........Have a beautiful day........................DIANE


roc said...

gorgeous flowers! i just love lillies!

Barb said...

Hi Diane,
Oh my, what exquisite flowers!
Thanks for sharing.
Happy week-end.

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Oh, what beautiful gorgeous flowers! and lovely pictures too!

Lee W - The Way I See It said...

Hi Diane- love the flowers. I haven't done too much with my gardenthis year, since the house is on the market. Just enough to llok pretty, but not toot much work- gotta love wavy petunias.

COngrats on finding one of the record album albums! I would love a link back, and can't wait to see what you do! I'm keeping my eye open for another one. Keep me posted!

MiniMadWoman said...

Diane, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your kind comments . . . I really appreciate it!

Your lillies are beautiful . . . even with the wind blowing them about!

I'm on my way to check out more of your blog . . . thanks for sharing.