Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Jan

After a wonderful long weekend at the coast, I am refreshed and relaxed. We don't get many 3 day weekends, so we really appreciate them. We had a great Hotel, lots of room to kick-back in. We thought about going to the movies but didn't see much worth seeing. Not all that into some of the flicks that were out there. We did enjoy some great meals and walked along the docks. It was really sunny which is unusual, mostly foggy over there and much cooler which is why we go there this time of the year..Escape the 100's.
My Husband takes his lap top so I was not entirely disconnected but I forgot to take all my passwords so I had a bit of a time looking at all my sites...Had to be a visitor on two of them but know a few back doors so it wasn't too bad....Saw that it was Jan's birthday and bought this little postcard while antiquing and thought I would scan it and sent it to her....Happy Birthday Jan!!!
Hope you get to eat Cake....and have a bite for me...Birthday Hugs, Diane

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Jan said...

Hi Diane - thank you SO much for the pretty, pretty card - isn't it so sweet and such a lovely suprise.
I didn't do anything special for my birthday because I am looking after my dear old dad, but we are going away in our caravan on the 9th for 2 weeks and I am so looking forward to that. I shall miss my blog friends and shall go mad wondering what's going on (aren't we ridiculous!) but I shall take a few crafting bits with me so I can sit in the evening in the caravan and make things!! I'm glad you had a lovely break.
Take care, and thank you again. Jan xxx