Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Magic of Fall

Like a curtain that has dropped is Fall. We were down in the valley for a week and when we came home fall beat us to it. The back porch was inches deep with leaves from the 60 year old pear tree. The days are shorter and the temperatures much cooler. The colors are just starting to change. The air feels different, fresher..........After a summer full of smoke from the forest fires it would.

My Dad had his 90th. surprise birthday. It was fun to see my whole family together, three new baby's and one more on the way and two new boyfriends. Families grow and change. Love is the glue that holds us all together through the laughter and the tears. Today my brother is having a huge party to celebrate BEING ALIVE. He is cancer free for one year. He is the bravest person I know, a strong and quiet man. Celebrate LIFE is precious. Love, Diane


Jan said...

Oh Diane - what a wonderful little piece. I am so happy for you and your family. I hope that you will all continue in good health and happiness for a long time.
Thank you for your welcome home message on my blog xx

TanyaMac said...

'Love is the glue...."

you said it all :)* love n' hugs to you and yours xxx