Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Beauty All Around Us

I just wanted to share a couple of shots that I got while over on the coast. These were taken at our hotel, I love the Neptune fountain and the great piece of drift wood. We stopped in the Redwoods while over there. They are so grand and you really feel small in the whole picture of things. After all they have lived here for 100's of years, if you cut one down dozens come back on the stump and they have to be tested by fire before a seed can even grow.
Now I am feeling bad that I didn't even go to the beach while I was there.......It was so o o o o windy I don't think I could have stood still to take a picture, and the beach will be there next time..... but those buys that I got while antiquing would not... I received my first returns for the GOT BLING SWAP. And I am telling you they are great, and its not too late to join. There are only 9 members and I would love 10 people, really open for 15 and its still early so if you like making 4x4 pages or would like to try them, sign up.... Have an artful day. Diane

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Gaby Bee said...

It’s easy. I add a direct link on my blogroll to your website and you make the same for me.